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четвртак, 31. август 2017.

Wish list from

You probably heard about  Rosegal, a website with big selection of modern clothes at affordable prices. Today, I will show you my selection of favorite pieces of clothing from Rosegal.

Sigurno već znate za sajt Rosegal, i poznato vam je koliko lepih stvari kod njih možete pronaći po povoljnim cenama. 

If you are interested, you can check out the most beautiful long dresses on

HERE                HERE                HERE

High Rise Ripped Skinny Jeans

The first thing - the jeans.
 I love jeans so much, that I can wear them every single day! The reason? They are so simple and easy to fit with any clothes. See their price and other features - HERE.

Prva stvar su farmerke. Ja obožavam farmerke i mogu ih nositi svaki dan. Ove mi se dopadaju jer su jednostavne i lako se uklapaju. Sve što vas zanima o njima pogledajte OVDE.

Push Lock Chain Cross Body Bag 

In addition to black, everyone needs at least one silver bag.
I picked this one. The model is pretty and not that expensive. Look for it - HERE.

Osim crne, svakoj ženi treba i jedna srebrna torbica. Ja sam se odlučila za ovu. Model je presladak, a cena je vrlo pristupačna. Možete pogledati OVDE.

    You want some new clothes? Why not taking a look over here?

    Summer sales ongoing, everything from 33% off. Use the code RGEN for additional 10% off!

    Time for a new outfit!

HERE             HERE             HERE

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